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Fee Policy 2017

St Patrick’s College is an independent Catholic Girls’ College under the governance of Good Samaritan Education.

It is an incorporated company of limited liability, governed and managed by a Board of Directors. The purpose of the College is to provide a quality Catholic education for students from various cultures and social traditions. The College is committed to the overall personal development of each student and the promotion of excellence in every aspect of education. In order to achieve these goals the College actively seeks the services of committed, professional staff and the continual updating and provision of facilities, equipment and resources.

The Policy

(Ratified by the College Board 25 October 2016)

Parents/Caregivers who enrol students at St Patrick’s College are obliged to meet all costs associated with the provision of a Catholic education for their daughter.

Payment Options

Fees are billed annually in advance and the account is posted out at the commencement of the school year. Monthly statements of account will be sent to all families with a balance outstanding Payment of school fees is by Direct Debit arranged through the College unless another satisfactory payment method has been agreed with the Principal and the Business Manager. In order to accommodate individual families’ needs, accounts may be paid by one of the following payments

Year 7 to Year 11- to be paid in full by 1st November 2017
  •  Three (3) terms – 3 equal payments due by the 1st February, 1st May and 1st August 2017, or
  • Ten (10) equal monthly instalments, due by the 1st day of each month – commencing 1st February and finalised by 1st November 2017, or
  • Twenty (20) equal fortnightly instalments, to commence by 1st February and to be finalised by 1st November 2017.
Year 12 – all fees to be paid in full by 1st September 2017

  • Three (3) terms – 3 equal payments due by the 1st February, 1st May and 1st August 2017, or
  • Eight (8) equal monthly instalments, due by the 1st day of each month – commencing 1st February and finalised by 1st September 2017, or
  • Sixteen (16) equal fortnightly instalments, to commence by 1st February and to be finalised by 1st September 2017.
Regardless of the payment options chosen, any outstanding fees for the year must be paid by the above dates unless a separate payment arrangement has been made with the Business Manager or Principal.

Advance Holding Fees

All students enrolled at the end of 2016 will have paid a $300 enrolment acceptance fee. This is held in trust, until the student leaves the College when it will either be refunded in full, applied against the school fees account, or used to replace any resources not returned to the College, as appropriate. This practice will change from 2017. In line with other independent schools in this region from 1 January 2017 new enrolments will no longer have their enrolment acceptance fee refunded. This fee will
contribute to administration and resourcing costs associated with enrolling a student at the College.

Overdue Accounts

All accounts are actively monitored and pursued by the College. School fees are a primary source of income for the College without which St Patrick’s would not be able to meet its own financial commitments aimed at the provision of quality education for all its students.
Parents/Caregivers of all enrolled students must finalise their account by the end of each school year and be aware that continuing enrolment is contingent upon a proven ability to pay school fees.

Parents/Caregivers Experiencing Financial Difficulty

Parents/Caregivers who are experiencing any period of financial difficulty resulting in an inability to pay their fees when due, must contact the Business Manager or Principal, either in person or in writing, explaining their situation and suggesting a payment plan. It is always the College’s intention to ensure that the needs of individual families are met and undue financial burdens are not exacerbated. The College will conduct fee payment discussion confidentially and with compassion, to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for both the College and the family. In such instances, the College reserves the right to request financial documentation and to reassess the family’s ongoing financial situation during the term of the arrangement.

Non-Compliance with Fee Policy

If no attempt is made to comply with the above procedure and there is an inadequate response to contact from the College, the College reserves the right to terminate the enrolment. Whilst the College would view such action as regrettable it also must uphold its responsibilities to the entire College community. This may also apply to families who have entered a payment arrangement but have not met their commitments under that agreement. Any such action would be undertaken to ensure fairness to
all of the College community. Fee accounts that are in significant arrears, without any contact to the College, may be charged an additional administration fee of $50 per week, (to assist with recovery costs), until such time as a suitable arrangement has been made. St Patrick’s College will refer accounts that have significant debt to a debt collection agency. The family will be advised in writing that this action is pending, thus giving further opportunity to clear all debts before this occurs. All unpaid accounts will be pursued, even after a student has finished at the College. The College will pass on all charges incurred in recovery of a debt.

Withdrawal of a Student

If a student is withdrawn at any time, the College sign out process must be completed, details of which are available from the Enrolments Office. Students who leave the school during the school year are required to give notice of one full term. Failure to give the required notice will result in one term’s fees being charged. A term’s fee is calculated as one quarter of the total Annual Fees. The term’s notice period commences from the date the College receives the notice in writing. This policy also applies
where a student fails to return to the College following the Christmas break and where no notice of this has been given at least one full term prior. Where a student is enrolled in a TVET course, the full course fee will be payable if the student leaves the College before the course is complete.

Fee Schedule – 2017

(To be updated annually – 2016 fees ratified by the College Board 22 October 2016)

Fees Per Student Tuition Fee Course Fees
Total Annual Fee
 Year 7 $3,135 $3,135
 Year 8 $3,290 $3,290 $6,580
 Year 9 $3,395 $3,395 $6,790
Years 10 $3,505 $3,400 $7,010
Years 11  $3,555 $3,555 $7,110
Years 12 $3,660 $3,660 $7,320

Fee reductions automatically apply to families who have more than one daughter attending St Patrick’s College

*** The course fees include:

 Year 7
 Year 8
 Year 9
 Year 10
 Year 11
 Year 12
 Y Y

Eucational Software

 Y Y Y Y Y Y
 Text Book Hire
 Y Y Y Y Y Y
 Excursions – inclusive of all costs including transport, facilitators and entry fees
 Y Y Y Y Y Y

Camps – inclusive of all costs including equipment hire, transport, facilitators, meals and accommodation

 Y Y Y      

Retreats - inclusive of all costs including transport, facilitators, meals and accommodation

     Y Y Y

Locker Hire – including padlock

 Y Y Y Y Y Y
 Student Diary
 Y Y Y Y Y Y
 Sports and Activities
 Y Y Y Y    

Stationary, Materials and Resources

 Y Y Y Y Y Y

Practical Subject Course Costs

 Y Y Y Y Y Y
 NAPLAN Test Fees
 Y    Y      
Year 12 - Student Graduation Cost
Year 7 Parent Welcome Dinner
Technology expenses including WiFi, network and security
 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Co-Curricular expenses - Debating, Public Speaking, Sport representation
 Y Y Y Y Y Y

Year Sibling Discount Second Child Sibling Discount Third Child Sibling Discount Fourth Child Full Scholarship (Tuition Fee)
 Year 7 627
$1,254 $3,135
 Year 8 $658
$1,316 $3,290
 Year 9 $679 $1,358 $3,395 $3,395
Year 10 $701 $1,402 $3,505 $3,505
Year 11 $711 $1,422 $3,555 $3,555
Year 12 $732 $1,464 $3,660 $3,660

Fee reductions automatically apply to families who have more than one daughter attending St Patrick’s College

Additional compulsory annual fees per family

  • School Yearbook  $  50.00
  • Parents and Friends Fundraising Levy – Years 7 to 11 $  50.00
  • Alumni Lifetime Membership Fee – Year 12 only  $  50.00·
  • Capital Levy  $600.00

There are very few occasions where additional teaching and learning fees are required to be paid.

Other Subject Levies/Costs that may apply to Years 11 and 12 students

Where possible all subject levies are included in the school fees, however there are extra costs or charges associated with the following subjects/activities:

    • Hospitality A Chef’s Uniform and a Chef’s Kit will need to be purchased. This may cost up to $150.
    • Externally Delivered VET Commencing with Year 11 2017, the 2 year VET course will incur a fee to be billed to the school fees account representing 25% of the total course cost. 25% of the total course cost will be paid by the College and the remaining 50% balance will be funded by the government. This is consistent with the practice for other Catholic schools in this area. The course fees will vary depending on the course being studied.
    • Distance Education Courses Half of the fee levied by an external provider will be payable by the student. This includes courses offered by Open High School and Sydney Distance Education as well as any other approved provider. Details will be provided at the time of elective subject selection.
    • Design and Technology Year 12 major projects may incur costs up to $300 which is not covered by the school fees.
    • Visual Arts Art design and framing costs for Year 12 major works may incur costs of $100 –$150 per student which are not covered by the school fees.
    • Sport There may be additional costs incurred where students represent the College at State and/or National level.