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Inside Out

The College publishes a fortnightly newsletter (INSIDE OUT) which contains information of importance to parents/caregivers featuring the fortnightly news and events from the College, and is distributed to parents/caregivers via the students in their Home Rooms and by direct email to current families enrolled at the College. 

College Website

The College WEBSITE (http// is another media for accessing important information. For the most current information on happenings and events at the College, go  to News and Events on this website. 

The Flame

The FLAME a twice yearly full colour publication delivered by Australia Post to St Patrick's College Alumni on our database. To ensure that you receive a copy, contact the College reception and ask to be added. Alternately, email and type ALUMNI Email List in the Subject line. 

Student Absences and SMS

In the event of student daily absences, parents/caregivers will be notified via SMS of their daughters non-attendance at school. If you have any concerns when you receive an absence SMS, please notify the College immediately (46292999)

The College will also utilise SMS facilities to communicate with parents/caregivers in relation to sport carnivals and important special events.