Careers Education

Students leaving school are faced with a number of daunting and challenging decisions that will ultimately shape their futures.

With increasing demands and competitiveness in the job market students must maximise their chance for employment.

It is the College's aim to expose its students to a wide range of employment opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional fields. The College also believes that one of the most important aspects of career education is that students are aware that being employed does not bring security, being employable does. Saint Patrick's College encourages its students to become life long learners, helping to ensure that our students will at all times be employable.

Careers is also studied in Year 10 one Period a cycle where students work through four units over the year. These units include, “What is Work”, “My Future”, “Get that Job” and “Putting it all Together”.


Careers Room

St Patrick’s College students have access to the Careers Room where there are a large variety of job description videos, booklets from most universities around Australia and information on TAFE courses, private college courses, scholarships and overseas exchanges and more can be found. Students from all years can make appointments with the Careers Advisor.

Careers Advisor

The Careers Advisor, Year 12 Coordinator and Head of Senior School collaborate to ensure Year 12 in particular, are prepared for all the choices on offer after secondary school. Students are advised of University Open Days, Tertiary Expos and Careers Expos. Girls are offered individual careers counselling sessions to help them identify courses and possible career pathways. They are encouraged to form goals both in terms of their academic performance and longer-term aspirations.