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Vision and Mission Statement

As a Christ-centred community, formed in the Good Samaritan tradition, St Patrick’s College empowers young women through holistic education to be independent and resilient lifelong learners who are actively engaged in working for a just society.

We cater for the diversity of young women through:

  • a vibrant and inclusive faith community
  • collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • an Academic Care model
  • contemporary educational practice
  • spiritual, academic, cultural, sporting, creative and social opportunities
  • a safe, well-resourced and dynamic environment

enhanced through the guidance and encouragement of dedicated and professional staff.

Through their participation in the community of St Patrick’s College, students, parents and staff encounter the interconnectedness of life and, in a spirit of Benedictine stewardship, learn to reverence the whole of creation.

The preceding Mission Statement of St Patrick’s College aims to capture the direction of the College and is used as a basis and a guide for all other policies drawn up within the College. As such it provides the school community with an easily remembered and identifiable statement of the ideals and mission of the College as an educational institution.

The College provides its students with a sound modern education in a caring environment. The education is concerned with each student’s total development: spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical. Included in the curriculum will be religious instruction in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

In all its aspects and ways of operating, St Patrick’s College, as a Christian community, values the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the norm for its life and work.

“ The Sisters shall be convinced that no work of charity can produce greater good for society, nor promote more the happiness of the poor than the careful instruction of women, since, in whatever state they are destined to live, their example and their admonitions will always have great influence… ”

From The Rules of Archbishop Polding