Learning Enhancement

The College is structured so that the:

"Strong have something to strive for and the weak have nothing to run from"

St Benedict

Following in the spirit of the Good Samaritan tradition and based on Benedictine values, St Patrick’s College respects the dignity and value of every individual. The curriculum, class structures and timetable is designed to support all learners.

Each year group in years 7-10, has five academic classes for the mandatory curriculum. These classes are mixed ability classes designed to support all learners through a differentiated curriculum.

In the Middle School we focus on developing resilient lifelong learners. We believe that our Integrated Curriculum and our philosophy to challenge all learners prepares them not only for the later years of schooling, rather provides them with essential skills for life.

However, we recognise the diverse learning needs of our school community and continue to explore and implement supportive structures to assist students with additional learning needs as well as others requiring extension and enrichment.

The Learning Enhancement Faculty work with all teachers to develop programs that assist the students with additional learning needs. This is done in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Some further supportive structures available to students include:

  • Life Skills Programs
  • Provision of in class support
  • Tutorial Support
  • Applied Language classes
  • Afternoon Study Assistance Program (ASAP)
  • Social clubs
  • Pacific Communities Group support
  • Indigenous Academic and Community Support
  • Extended Library Hours
  • Language Lifeboat
  •  Maths Help
  • Accumulation
  • Vocational Education Pathways

Likewise, for students requiring extension and enrichment we offer a diverse formal curriculum and co curriculum program with academic rigor. We continue to explore links to the community to engage our students in and to extend their interests and abilities.

Formal programs to facilitate this include:

  • Student mentoring programs including peers support and ASAP mentors
  • Science Enrichment
  • Scholastica-A program of enrichment focusing on a theme each term
  • Scholastic Plus-A program of enrichment for Year 10 students.
  • Gifted and Talented student conferences
  • Student representation at forums.
  • Mock Trial
  • Mock Mediation
  • Public Speaking and Debating
  • Acceleration