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Conditions of Enrolment


Offer of Placement

An offer of placement in the College is secured upon payment of the Enrolment Acceptance Fee. This fee is non-refundable.


College fees shall be such as are determined by St Patrick's College Board and subject to variation from year to year.

Fees are billed annually in advance and fee accounts are payable in three equal installments by the 1 February, 1 May and 1 August. Additional charges for services provided by the College outside the fee schedule will be billed throughout the year.

All fees and charges must be paid within 14 days of the due dates regardless of whether fees are paid in three installments or 10 monthly payments. All fees and charges must be paid in full by the 1 November, and if not paid the student may be refused continuing enrolment at the College in the following year. Parents who are experiencing financial difficulties in meeting scheduled fee payments at anytime during the year must contact the College to make suitable arrangements.

If a student leaves the College during the school year, a term's notice in writing must be given to the Principal before the removal of a student or a full term's fees will be payable.

Illegal Substances

Possession or use of drugs (including alcohol) will result in immediate suspension and review of enrolment. Students who supply drugs may face immediate expulsion and Police will be notified.


Students are expected to be in attendance at the College for the duration of each school term. Only in extreme circumstances will permission be given for a student to return late or leave early for term vacations, or to be absent during term. In the case of absence during term time, parents/caregiver must seek permission in writing from the Prinicpal. In the case of illness a written explanation from the parent/caregiver is required for every absence on the next day of attendance at the College. Doctor's certificates are required if assessment tasks are missed due to illness in Years 10-12.

Religious Inclusion

Acceptance of a position at St Patrick's College implies both parents/caregivers acceptance of the Catholic foundations, values and practices of the College and the importance of regular opportunities to affirm these values and practices in religious education classes, liturgies and College masses. Retreats and Reflection days are a compulsory part of the College's ethos and a vital element in the spiritual development of students. Continuing enrolment is contingent upon commitment to these requirements.

Standards of Dress and Behaviour

At all times, a high standard of behaviour is expected of students inside and outside the College. Parents/caregivers are expected to reinforce the need to treat others with courtesy and respect and to make responsible decisions, which show consideration of others. All students are required to be neatly dressed and to wear the prescribed College uniform (refer to the Student Handbook/Student Diary/Website).

A student may be asked to leave the College temporarily or permanently at the discretion of the Principal, in accordance with the College's religious education, pastoral care and student conduct policies.


In the event of injury or illness to the student necessitating hospital or medical treatment including injections, blood transfusions and the like and where the parent or caregiver cannot be contacted to authorise such treatment, a responsible member of St Patrick's College staff is automatically empowered to give the necessary authority for such treatment without the College or such person incurring any legal liability whatsoever. Parents and caregivers are responsible for all associated costs.

Photographs / Videos

Throughout the year many photographs and occasionally videos are taken of students and staff taking part in various functions, productions, sporting carnivals, liturgies and other events. These photographs are used in advertisements for the College, in publications, on the website or displayed on special occasions such as Open Day. Parents are asked to contact the College if they do not wish their daughter's image to be used in these circumstances. If no contact is made then the College will assume parent/caregiver's agreement.