Keep in Contact

The St Patrick’s College Alumni was re-established in 2008.

St Pat's Girls are living, working and thriving throughout NSW, Australia and the world. Your College wants to encourage you to keep the flame alive by updating your details and staying in touch. Please, take a few moments to enter your details, and then share with your friends that you did.

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Be contacted about events at the college and in the community where Alumni may participate
Be contacted about events where Alumni may work/help current students (i.e. Speak at International Womens Day about career, participate in speaking about St Pat's as an advocate for All-Girls Education, recommending St Pat's on social media, etc)
Be contacted about Year Gatherings
Be invited to the Annual Gala Ball or other major fundraising/alumni gathering events
Receive a fortnightly electronic copy of Inside Out
I grant permission for St Patrick's College to contact me with the details of a fellow St Pat's Girl who would like to reach me, allowing me to make the decision whether or not to contact them, should that need arise.

a printed copy or an
electronic copy of 'The Flame' (The Alumni annual publication)