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It takes a village

St Patrick's College - Thursday, February 23, 2017

Published: Saturday, 18 February, 2017
Publication: Sydney Morning Herald

Talking to young people about mental health isn't always easy, but it's a conversation that must be had.

Stephanie Dunn, a teacher and year co-ordinator at St Patrick's College, Campbelltown, is involved in the development and implementation of a range of student-centred wellbeing programs that focus on resilience and positive psychology.

"Each year we lose too many young people to suicide," Dunn says. "These young people were in our schools and it was within our capacity to reach out, to start that life-saving conversation. Schools alone cannot prevent a mental health crisis, we are one link in the chain of survival for young people, but what we can do is ensure that we are connecting and collaborating more effectively with others in that network of support."

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