Student Wellbeing

The wellbeing of all students is a priority at St Patrick’s College.

It is our belief that the College plays a vital role in assisting students to develop to their full potential — academically, socially and spiritually within an Academic Care framework. Our policies and procedures are designed to assist and support the students with this.

An important component of student wellbeing is the Pastoral Program. The Middle School pastoral care program develops positive social interaction, teamwork and collaboration. These are vital skills for young girls to learn so they can successfully navigate the challenges of adolescence. Pastoral Advisors work together with the students in their class to develop these skills and are the first point of contact for all pastoral care issues.

Wellbeing and Support Services

Middle School Wellbeing teams 2016

Assistant Principal Students: Mrs. Karen Wright
Middle School Coordinator: Mr Paul Ashkar

Year 7 Coordinator: Mrs Katherine Power
 Ms Louise Glase – Acting Term 1
Year 8 Coordinator: Mr Paul Ashkar Year 9 Coordinator: Mr Kevin Quigley
7A Danielle Wilson 8A Paula Nash 9A Petah Foran / Stuart Lord
7B Wendy McDonald 8B Liz Samiya / Margaret Glynn 9B Maria Boulatsakos
7C Pola Nicolau 8C Annalisa Winarczyk 9C Michelle Parker
7D Charlie Camilleri 8D Claire McGillicuddy/ Judith Holt 9D Fran Musica/Nina Tacca/ Jo Tanginoa
7E Eileen Norris 8E Marguerite Pulham 9E Charles Lincoln
8F Jackie Irwin 9F Louise Glase Monique Young – Term 1

Student Support Services

St Patrick’s College Campbelltown has a number of services aimed at supporting student wellbeing:
  • Counselling Services
  • ASAP (Afternoon Study Assistance Program)
  • Language Lifeboat
  • Maths Help
  • Your Tutor (Years 7 to 9)
  • Enhanced Learning Online Study Skills Handbook
  • Learning Enhancement
  • Indigenous liaison/support
  • Pacific Nations support

Further information about the services available to students is located on the Pastoral Care and Student Support Services part of the website.

Wellbeing and Support Services