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Specialising in Girls' Education

St Patrick’s College is the only all-girls College in the Macarthur area. As an all-girls College, the learning experiences, opportunities and resources are structured so girls can grow into confident young women.

At St Patrick’s College, girls are free of the gender biases and limitations that can be present in the co-educational environment. They have access to a range of opportunities and experiences and are encouraged to participate based on their interest, skill and passion for the opportunities.

In an all girl classroom, girls set the agenda and are proactive in their learning. They engage in the discussion and activities and work collaboratively with like-minded, driven colleagues. They savour the camaraderie and competition that emerges between them, resulting in best performances for all.

The value of an environment that nurtures the holistic development of girls navigating life through their formative years and provides strong role models whilst challenging negative depictions of women and girls, cannot be under-estimated. St Patrick’s College offers this learning environment.