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Reconciliation Statement

We, the community of St Patrick's College, Campbelltown acknowledge that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are the original owners of this land and that it was taken from them by force. We acknowledge and respect the richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders' culture, spirituality and relationship with the land.

We ask forgiveness for past and present hurts:

  • destruction of your society and culture
  • separation of families
  • not valuing your heritage and forcing you to follow ‘white’ ways
  • acting unjustly resulting in lack of access to resources in the areas of health, housing education and employment
  • applying unfair stereotypes

For the future we promise to recognise past actions and mistakes and strive to establish equality and mutual respect. We hope that all Australians can live in peace and harmony as children of our God who does not discriminate on the basis of the colour of our skin and loves each one of us unconditionally.

We ask for and commit ourselves to listening, healing and reconciliation.